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I'm available for both in-person and virtual visits with elementary, middle, and high school-aged groups. Note that Madsi the True is best suited for grades 3-7, while Being Ace is best suited for grades 8-12.

My offered presentations include:

  • The Power of Storytelling: A look at my own publishing journey, along with a discussion of how sharing the right story, at the right time, can lend strength to both the audience and storyteller. Optional activity: Students create an adventure story together.

  • Yesterday's Folklore for Today's Readers: A discussion of why old folktales continue to enchant--and empower!--young readers. Old stories can still contain valuable truths... or, even better, motivate young readers to ask questions that can help them unearth new truths. Optional Activity: Students design their own folklore creatures. 

  • Fantasy Books and SEL: Fantasy books are an excellent tool for developing SEL skills as the narratives explore real-world questions and challenges in a new environment... and therefore, enable readers to develop fresh insights and perspectives. Optional Activity: Students write a pen-pal letter to one of the characters in the book, OR create their own book of truths.

  • Fantasy Worldbuilding - Drafting from the Blank Page: A step-by-step walkthrough of questions writers should ask themselves while creating their own fantasy world for a story. Optional Activity: Students can begin developing their own unique world, OR create a map of a world all their own.

Presentations can be tailored to best match the needs of a grade level or a school's curriculum!


  • One-hour engagement and book signing: $150 (*plus travel expenses)

  • Half-day engagement including two presentations and book signing: $300 (*plus travel expenses)

  • Full-day engagement including three presentations and book signing: $500 (*plus travel expenses)

  • Virtual visits: $100/hour

  • 20-minute Q&A virtual visits are free for classes and book clubs who have read Madsi the True or Being Ace.

*Travel expenses are applicable to visits more than an hour drive from Hartford, CT.

Ordering Books

Books for school or library events can be arranged through River Bend Bookshop or your local bookstore.

For special discounts on bulk sales:

  • Madsi the True: Contact Simon & Schuster Special Sales at (866) 506-1949 or email: business (at) simonandschuster (dot) com

  • Being Ace: Contact MPS Distribution Center at (888) 330-8477 or email: orders (at) mpsvirginia (dot) com

Ready to book? Have more questions? Reach out through the button below!

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