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Want to learn more about Nordic Folklore & Culture?


  • Saga Thing - John and Andy, both professors of medieval literature, put the sagas of the Icelanders on trial with lively discussions of each and votes on their best elements.

  • Nordic Mythology Podcast - Dr. Mathias Nordvig and Daniel Ferrand discuss topics from Viking culture and Old Norse mythology

  • Nordic on TapInterviews, folklore, music, and hygge with a Nordic flavor.

Folklore Collections & Other Reading

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Photo credit: Sarah Cruz Photography

On Social Media

  • @alda.sigmunds (Instagram; Icelandic facts & folklore)

  • @northwildkitchen (Instagram; Norwegian cooking & culture)

  • @samiskeveivisere (Instagram; Youth ambassadors of Sámi culture and society)

  • @saamicouncil (Instagram; News and concerns regarding Sámi society)

  • @qsgreenland (Instagram; Fun facts about indigenous life in Greenland)

  • Anna Bridgland - Tales from the North (YouTube; Nordic folklore)

  • Jackson Crawford - (YouTube; Insights into Old Norse language, customs, and culture)

  • Hrafna (YouTube; Icelandic culture, language, travel tips & more)

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