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Madsi the True

Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, Coming September 17, 2024


In this fantasy adventure set in 1700s Norway perfect for fans of Netflix’s Hilda and Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series, a girl and her unlikely companions brave the wilds and encounter legendary creatures as they seek to rescue her sister from the Northern Lights.

Madsi has always loved the stories that her clever, strong-willed sister, Lisbet, told her late at night in their cabin. Madsi never expected Lisbet to become one of those tales. But last year, her sister disappeared in the night, snatched away by the Northern Lights.

This year when the Lights appear in the sky, Madsi begs them to free her sister—and a girl falls to earth right in front of her. But it’s not Lisbet. This girl’s name is Torin, and she demands that Madsi take her to a witch who can put her back into the Lights, where she went by choice. Madsi doesn’t know what to believe—but if she takes Torin to the witch’s mountain, maybe she can get Lisbet back. They set off, joined by Espen, an annoying (but surprisingly helpful) boy from Madsi’s village.

Madsi has never thought of herself as brave, but as they endure the wilds and face monsters she’s only heard about in tales, she finds unexpected strength. Can she also find the truth of what happened to her sister?

Preorder Madsi the True!

Orders placed through River Bend Bookshop or Curious Cat Bookshop will be signed (and personalized, upon request) and include three character art cards.

Cover Designer: Debra Sfetsios-Conover


Praise for Madsi the True!

"A tale that dances with the same beauty and danger, mystery and vivacity as the northern lights that lead Madsi on her adventure. Madsi the True is truly brilliant."

Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Sunday Times bestsellling author of

The Girl of Ink and Stars

"S. J. Taylor brings Norwegian folklore to life in all its beautiful (and terrifying!) glory. Brimful of magic and the warmth of family bonds, and featuring a charming, stalwart heroine, Madsi the True is sure to delight readers both young and old. Highly recommended."

Heather Fawcett, NYT-bestselling author of the Emily Wilde series and

The Grace of Wild Things

"A thrilling adventure set in the wilds of Norway, Madsi the True will delight lovers of folklore and fantasy alike."

Megan E. Freeman, NYT-bestselling author of Alone

"Madsi The True is a magical, mythical, marvel of a tale brimming with adventure, danger, and the beautiful open heart of a true heroine."

Alysa Wishingrad, author of Between Marvels and Monsters

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