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Madsi the True

Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, Coming September 17, 2024


If you must knock on a neighbor’s door after dark,

knock three times so they know a person waits outside. 

Only ghosts knock once.

Twelve-year-old Madsi is obsessed with truths. She loves adventure, but only in the stories her sister Lisbet told her late at night in their Norwegian cabin. Madsi never expected Lisbet to become one of those tales. But one year has passed since her sister snuck out to watch the treacherous Northern Lights, only to be snatched up in the sky, or so superstition says. 

When the Lights reappear, Madsi insists that they free Lisbet, and someone does fall to earth: a girl, Torin, who demands to be returned. Though Madsi fears the unknown wilds, the girls journey together with a village boy named Espen, desperate for some adventures of his own, to find a witch who can help Torin... and bring Lisbet home.

Yet some creatures aren’t as horrible as the stories claim, including the Lights: a haven for girls who chose them. But the lights must choose you back. While crossing forests, mountains, and a Viking graveyard, Madsi relies on the folktales she grew up with and the truths she hangs onto, as well as her surprising new friendships, to fight for her sister and ultimately find herself. 

Three friends. Two sisters. One wild landscape. 

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